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Cheating on your Spouse? There’s an App for That!

Ashley Madison, the innovator in facilitating extramarital affairs, has an updated app available on iOS and Android devices that boasts new features to help members keep their affairs quiet.

Features include:

Pin Access

Disposable phone numbers to use when communicating with the “other man” or “other woman”, assuming you don’t want your contact information compromised and accessible to your affair partner.

Panic Button: “Users can remotely log out of Ashley Madison from any computer they had used to log on. When you press the panic button, the web page reportedly shuts down and switches over to a ‘local, family friendly website.’”

Keep a look out for these other mobile apps that help cheaters keep their romps on the down low:

SlyDial: Bypasses a phone call and goes directly to the dialed person’s voicemail. No missed call is logged (perfect for people who want to leave a message, with no trace. PS: Voice Mailboxes can be setup with passwords).

CATE: Call and Text Eraser, Keeps a hidden log of messages/calls/contacts. Also has a panic feature, which if accessed, will instantly delete all information. Also, if you need to minimize the app quickly, all you have to do is “shake” your phone and it disappears.

TigerText: Erases messages after an allotted amount of time, so the cheater doesn’t have to worry about the recipient being in charge of deleting the evidence.

Vaulty Stocks: To the naked eye, it looks like a normal stock exchange monitoring application, but it actually stores pictures and videos that you wouldn’t want your significant other to see.

Blackbook: For use on Blackberry devices. Maintains a list of hidden contacts and messages that do not directly correspond with the phone’s main phone book and inbox. There is no icon for the app on the home screen; it must be accessed by a password. Cheaters can customize the app to say “System Memory Low” when an incoming message comes in.

The Mobile Vault: Conceals contacts, pictures, videos and text messages. All data is backed up to private cloud space, so all of the information can be recovered if the phone is lost. Here’s the best part…If the cheater has the premium version of the app and an intruder tries to access the application with an incorrect passcode, it will snap a picture of the person!

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