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Cheating Behaviors

Keep your eyes peeled for the 10 following behaviors that may indicate infidelity in your relationship:

1. Excuses, Excuses: A cheater will have to make time for a new fling, and possibly unusual times. But you can bet your bottom dollar there will be an excuse.

2. “Working” Late: All of a sudden, there’s a shift in work schedules. Your significant other is spending much more time out late at night.

3. Guarded on the Phone: If your significant other is stepping out of the room (or even out of the home) to take calls, something is awry in your relationship. There should not be a frequent number of conversations that you can’t be present for.

4. Spending Habits: If the two of you are generally on a fixed income, and money starts going missing or less of that income is spent on you, the balance may be spent on someone else.

5. Changes in your Sex Life: Not many have the energy to keep up with multiple sexual partners. Pay attention if your significant other seems less interested in engaging in sexual activity with you. They may be seeking it elsewhere.

6. Personal Grooming: Take note of drastic changes in personal grooming habits, especially if your partner goes from a sweats-all-the-time wardrobe to a sudden interest in looking good before he or she leaves your home.

7. Internet Habits: Is your significant other spending an alarming amount of time online? With the endless outlets available to communicate online, striking up a new fling is effortless today.

8. New Email Addresses: Have you found your partner’s new email addresses, that you had no idea even existed? Big red flag.

9. Argumentative: It is not normal for someone to continuously pick fights with you over totally insignificant subjects.

10. The Painfully Obvious: Clear-cut evidence of cheating, lipstick on shirts, foreign cologne/perfume, hickies, even the scent of tobacco (especially if they don’t smoke).

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