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  • Dean Smith

Behavior Changes Signaling Infidelity

Do we overlook the obvious? According to Ayesha Vardag, Britain’s top divorce lawyer, in an article written for Huffington Post, chances are that your partner is already giving themselves away by adopting the following typical behaviors: 1. Guilt, guilt guilt. Vardag says “guilt can be a very potent factor.” When guilt begins to overwhelm the cheater, sudden grand gestures in an effort to spoil you can signal a dark secret. 2. Lack of desire to come home. Maybe the suspected cheater is suddenly working longer hours, or having more late nights out with their friends. On top of that, they never want to talk about it when pressed for details. 3. Excessive showering before bed. They feel guilty, but they also may be trying to hide the physical scent of their cheating partner. 4. A sudden lack of interest in your sex life together. This should raise a red flag. 5. The cold shoulder. Vardag notes that, “When attraction fades and people are looking elsewhere, it can make for iciness in a relationship. People become cruel and cold because they feel they’re trapped with someone who they don’t feel very connected to any more.” 6. Tempers run hot. Pay attention to the sudden change in your partner’s disposition towards you. Are they uncharacteristically snapping at you or undermining you? If so, Vardag says that, “People tend to justify their mental exit from a relationship by seeing their partner in a bad light and taking it out on them.” 7. Secretive texting and online behaviors. If your significant others is spending more time away from you and on their phone, secretly taking phone calls, answering text messages and emails, raise the red flags. Suspicious of the behavior changes in your partner? Get Answers with ICU Investigations today! Call 800-524-9755 for your free consultation. Source

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