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  • Dean Smith

Basic Internet Principle: Your IP Address has a Geographic Location

Having an IP Address is internet protocol. And if you don’t block it when you’re browsing the web or your email provider doesn’t strip it from your outgoing mail, it can be traced back to your computer.

It is imperative to know the difference between a static IP Address and a dynamic IP Address. A static IP address never changes; it’s fixed. A dynamic IP address ALWAYS CHANGES and is recommended if you’d prefer to stay anonymous. However, both static and dynamic IP addresses can be traced back to your geographic location.

Your IP address is embedded into emails. Say you’re working with a witness or a client and you can’t figure out their location. If you have been emailing back and forth, ICU can use the header of a specific email to possibly identify the IP address associated with that specific computer.

Note: Gmail strips the IP from the header.

We then use our investigative proprietary databases and resources to conduct a location search, ultimately giving us geographical coordinates. By placing these geographical coordinates into Google Maps and Bing Maps, we are left with an actual, physical address.

We now have a new avenue to search for a claimant!

Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU!

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