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Background Checks & Pre-Employment Services

ICU Investigations provides criminal background checks, sex offender searches, license verifications, education verifications, employment verifications, and many more services that give you all the tools and information you need to successfully screen all potential new hires. ICU Investigations focuses on delivering a multitude of pre-employment screening services that help employers hire the best people faster, easier, and at lower cost to you.

Experience Matters

Gain confidence in your hiring decisions with ICU Investigations’ Pre- Employment Screening. We successfully supply background check answers and provide you with proven insight, speed, and accuracy so you can confidently make the right decisions during your hiring process, on a daily basis.

Fast Turnaround Saves Time & Money

All pre-employment screenings are processed the same day we receive them.

Great Customer Service

Here at ICU Investigations, we work for you. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our experienced staff wants to meet all your needs and be easily accessible to meet those needs.

ICU Investigations’ Pre-Employment Screening helps you by:

Supplying you with the most current and accurate results

Faster turnover rates while providing information you need to hire the most skilled and qualified candidates

Reducing risk to your reputation associated with employee misconduct

Quickly identify at-risk hiring decisions

For more information about ICU Investigations Pre- Employment Screening, call (856) 988-6777 or Toll Free: (800) 524-9755.

Or use our online Contact Form and contact us NOW with any additional questions!

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