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AskMen Survey: What Do Modern Men Think of Cheating in 2015?

After the Ashley Madison leak, AskMen asked their readers, 1,257 men to be exact, what they thought about cheating and what they may have done or how far they went. Take a look at this infographic below featuring the results of the survey:

Now…to interpret the data!

Where respondents live:

United States – 643

Canada – 117

Mexico: 17

Then, residents in multiple countries in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia make up the rest of the respondents.

Current Status:

30% Married

33% In a monogamous relationship

2% Open relationship

28% Single

7% It’s…complicated.

Married or Monogamous: Did you have an Ashley Madison account?

4% Yes, I’m busted.

8% Thought about it, thank God I didn’t sign up.

88% Nope, clean as a whistle.

Have you ever flirted heavily with someone you wanted to cheat with, without crossing the line?

222 responded “Yes, but by text message/online chat rather than in person.”

542 responded “Yes, in person.”

98 responded “No, I go all the way.”

394 responded “No, I believe flirting is just as wrong.”

Be honest, have you ever cheated?

320 responded “Yes, multiple times.”

162 responded “Yes, but just once.”

298 responded “No, but sometimes I wish I could.”

476 responded “No, I would never.”

Is this leak what the cheaters deserve (in reference to Ashley Madison)?

39% responded “Yes, they deserve what they got.”

61% responded “No, the hack was illegal.”

Do you think people who cheat are scumbags?

28% responded “Yes.”

55% responded “Depends. Some are mistakes.”

17% responded “No, it’s human nature to seek pleasure.”

Do you think a relationship can recover after one person has cheated?

306 responded “Yes, but not if the other person finds out.”

480 responded “Yes, but only if the other person finds out.”

470 responded “No, that relationship is done for.”

What are YOUR thoughts on cheating today?Suspicious? Get Answers with ICU Investigations.800-524-9755Source

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