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  • Dean Smith Reveals the Top Ten Mistress Cities of the USA

According to, there is a growing group of women that are deciding to chase the men that have already said their vows. A decent percentage of these women are single and are deciding against finding their own committed relationship; is reporting where you are most likely to find these women in the United States.

See the compiled list below; in order by percentage of how likely you are to find a mistress:

Los Angeles, CA – 37.2%

Washington, DC – 33.2%

Phoenix, AZ – 31.7%

Tampa, FL – 29.9%

San Francisco, CA – 29.9%

Dallas, TX – 28.5%

Raleigh, NC – 28.1%

Milwaukee, WI – 27.8%

West Palm Beach, FL – 27.4%

Louisville, KY – 26.8%

According to Noel Biderman, the CEO of, “Not every woman is currently in pursuit of a white-picket fence lifestyle, relationship of permanence, children, mortgage and scheduled date night.”

Essentially, with women becoming more established in their careers and holding off on committed relationships, they are trying to find fun without the strings attached. Apparently, married men can give them what they want.

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