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  • Dean Smith

Ashley Madison Polls Cheating Mothers

Somehow, someway, between changing diapers, baseball practice, cheerleading competitions, parent-teacher conferences, trying to maintain a somewhat functional household, among thousands of other daily activities, moms are stepping out on their husbands and children for extra-marital affairs.

According to Huffington Post Divorce, Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman released a statement disclosing a 439% (not a typo) increase in female signups the day after Mother’s Day.

Biderman says, “Mother’s Day tends to magnify the flaws, leads to questions about the choices you have made, and ultimately fosters conclusions around doing something different for yourself.”

When polled 15,000 cheating moms, the findings were interesting, to say the least:

One out of five moms “found themselves in a ‘sticky situation’ while trying to balance motherhood with an affair.”

67% of moms said they answered a phone call from their lover in front of their children

56% of moms said they had been late to pick up their child from a school or an extra-curricular activity because of their engagement in the affair

29% of moms stated that they rearranged a child’s schedule to work around the affair

4% of moms admitted to introducing their child to a lover “under false pretense.”

2% of moms have gotten caught in a “compromising position” by their child

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