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  • Dean Smith

An Alarming Number of Single Women are Engaging Married Men…Why?

A new breed of mistress has emerged in the cheating world; she is specifically looking for a married man. She didn’t stumble upon him by chance. It’s what she wants. But why?

In an article by Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry for, she references a 2007 survey conducted by which “revealed that roughly 28% of married men had cheated on their spouse at least once. But who are married men cheating with? Most wives assume that it is a harlot, equally as unhappy in her own relationship. Maybe she’s his co-worker and her husband just doesn’t understand her. Or perhaps it’s your husband’s sex-crazed ex who’s still hanging on to that night they spent together in college. Whoever she is, this broad must be desperate and lonely with low self-esteem. After all, she is settling for your scraps, incapable of sustaining a healthy relationship of her own. Maybe all of this is true. Or maybe she doesn’t want a man that’s hers and hers alone. Maybe she’s perfectly fine not having a full-time beau. Maybe, just maybe, she wants a man that is married.”

This new breed of mistress is looking for a somewhat disconnected relationship, with little commitment, no real responsibility, no expectations, and no emotions. She doesn’t have to cook and clean for him; only for herself. She lives her own life and answers to no one. And she certainly doesn’t want him to leave his wife, because she will then have to fill the void and deal with the emotional roller coasters, baggage, financial issues, and his need to be nurtured and supported.

She wants nothing to do with that responsibility, and if he suggests it, she’ll move on to the next.

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