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  • Dean Smith

A Family Affair: NJ Couple and Son Set Fire to Bentley for Insurance Payout

According to Insurance Journal, 63-year-old Chester Jarzabek, his 61-year-old wife Anna Jarzabek, and their 26-year-old son John Jarzabek of Hudson County, NJ have been charged with conspiracy, insurance fraud and theft by deception in connection to a scheme in which they acquired a $139,000 Bentley, then burned the vehicle and reported it stolen to their insurance company.

The general manager of D.I.B. Leasing, 43-year-old Hector Marquez of Monroe, NJ has also been indicted as a co-conspirator in the scheme. John Jarzabek worked as a salesman at D.I.B. Leasing, and according to the indictment by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, “Chester and Anna Jarzabek purchased the car and conspired with their son and Marquez to burn it for insurance money.”

A fifth co-conspirator was also charged with theft by deception for falsifying a car loan application. D.I.B. Leasing’s bookkeeper, 53-year-old Michael Ricciardi of Wayne, NJ allegedly helped with falsifying the application and providing fabricated documents to help the Jarzabek’s inflate their income in order to finance the vehicle.

New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced that, “These defendants are accused of pulling out all stops to line their own pockets. It is especially distasteful that the alleged criminal behavior was a family affair. This kind of blatant fraud against banks and insurance companies will be prosecuted vigorously by the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor.”

All are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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