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  • Dean Smith

9 Signs you May be Dating a Married Man

An article on gives us the insights from the “other woman,” Sarah Symonds, a former mistress and author of Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman. She shared her experience with identifying the signs that you may be dating a married man:

You met him in a bar. “If you are meeting for the first time in a bar, that doesn’t bode well. So many married men hang out in bars hoping to get lucky,” Sarah says.

He has an clear indentation or tan line on his ring finger. When you first meet him, look for an obvious sign of a wedding ring that was just removed.

He pays for your dates in all cash. You’ll never see him pull out a credit card; he doesn’t want a papertrail that could possibly be uncovered by his wife.

He has multiple cell phones, but you’re only allowed to have the number to one of them. “One is for his wife, and one is for his secret life,” Sarah says. Furthermore, are all of his incoming phone calls taken away from you when you’re together?

He calls you mostly while he’s running errands, like getting his car washed, running to the store, on his way to the gym, etc. “These are places where he’s escaped the family home to go out and call you, his secret lover,” she says.

He doesn’t get back to your texts for hours and is not available to talk after work. He may even ask you not to call after certain times. “It’s because he’s at home with his family and can’t answer,” Sarah says.

He’s never available on the weekends and has to schedule plans far in advance. He can’t be spontaneous when he has a family to juggle.

You’ve never met his friends (and you probably never will).

He never invites you back to his place or makes up excuses as to why he can’t. “My main message to women out there who might fall for these things is to find a reason to go back to his place. If he won’t take you home, there’s a reason why,” Sarah says.

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