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  • Dean Smith

9 Common Cheating "Excuses" for Men

Truly, there really is no excuse for stepping out on your marriage. But men have a top list that seem to be the most common when confronted with evidence and they’re finally caught. According to the Lifescript Editorial Staff, the excuses go something like this…

1. “She ain’t what she used to be.”

Some men can’t resist the temptation of riper fruit, especially if the woman in his life has let herself go. Harsh.

2. “No one loves a ball-buster.”

Some men say that their wives’ constant nagging is just enough to push him into the arms of another woman.

3. “She just doesn’t ‘get’ me.”

This common excuse sometimes rings true, however, that’s not always the case. If a man is distant in his relationship, unwilling to open up and connect, and get angry out of fear of having that connection with their spouse, it tends to be easier for them to step out of the relationship than work out issues in house.

4. “I love the thrill of it.”

Some men just love the thrill of the chase and the POSSIBILITY that they could be caught. It’s dangerous and exciting, and they’re attracted to that.

5. “I don’t know why I do it.”

Sometimes, even he doesn’t know why.

6. “It’s biology, baby.”

Some studies say men are not meant for monogamy, which goes back to cavemen days when men reproduced with as many women as possible to increase population.

7. “It’s just sex.”

Men do not equate sex to love and vise versa.

8. “She says, ‘Not tonight, dear.’”

Typically, men crave sex more than women. So when the wife says she’s not into it after all of the pressures of the day (work, kids, exhaustion, etc.), he gets bored.

9. “I cheat because I can.”

Some men have trouble resisting temptation (and some simply just don’t want to resist).

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