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  • Dean Smith

48-Year-Old New York Man Who Murdered Fiancee in 2009 for Life Insurance Has Been Convicted

Yet another tragedy fueled by greed. According to Insurance Journal and The Buffalo News, 48-year-old Ronald Epps of Amherst, NY shot and killed his fiancée in cold blood on a fateful night back in 2009 to collect her insurance policy; a murder that went unsolved for 3 years. However, it was other charges that finally put him behind bars.

Prosecutors described the events that started with the shooting death of Angela Moss in 2009 after he was named as the sole beneficiary of her $100,000 life insurance policy. He then committed arson in 2010 by setting his apartment on fire to collect a $4,000 insurance claim.

But as of Thursday, December 15th, 2016, Ronald Epps has been sentenced to 60 years in prison in U.S. Disrict Court in Buffalo, NY, according to federal prosecutors. Although he was never officially charged with murder due to lack of evidence, the prosecution lead the focus of the case around Moss’ death. He was officially found guilty of wire and mail fraud, arson, possession of Molotov cocktails, drug trafficking and illegal firearms possession.

Prosecutor Melissa M. Marangola noted, “I can’t think of one person who has come before this court who deserves a life sentence more than this defendant.”

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