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30 Ways….

30 Ways a Marriage is Guaranteed to Fail

Much has been written about ways to keep your marriage strong. Usually when you read about someones failed marriage, you hear talk or one or a few of the things that happened that helped sentence the marriage to death. Usually at the top of the list are finances and sex or lack of it and or affairs. But long before these things usually come into play there are things being put into place that virtually ensure the marriage will eventually die. This list is to remind all of us what happens to people whom at one time loved and cared deeply for each other.

Taking each other for granted

Lack of interest in what your mate is involved in


In law problems

No time for each other after the children arrive

Feeling you have nothing in common with each other

Different paths as far as christian beliefs

Not eating meals together

Not sleeping together

Understanding not the effect of nice clothes and perfume

Not traveling together for unannounced trips just to get away and be alone with each other

Living only for the children whether they are small or adults

Not agreeing to disagree

Personal grooming

Taking care of your own health

Spending too much time with family and not enough time with each other

Not watching movies or keeping up with news events together

Not having similar interests

Disagreeing over finances

Not spending one complete hour per week with your mate

Being unable to discuss your own likes and dislikes involving sex

Not able to lay in each other arms and talk of individual dreams

Showing more care and concern for others outside the marriage especially towards one’s nuclear family.

No kissing or touching each other

No attempts to please a mate

Not having the ability to seize the moment for a heart to heart talk

Thinking your mate is always wrong

Not having sexual intercourse

Having a feeling that your mate is the enemy

Not truly caring enough about the person you are married to in order to at least discuss any of the above items that just may be the solution

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