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3 Common Mistakes Women Make when they Suspect their Significant Other is Cheating

Marcelina Hardy of highlights 3 common mistakes that women make when they suspect their significant other is cheating. And with over 18 years of experience in infidelity investigations, ICU is here to back her up. 1. Reacting to Suspicions: Suspecting that your significant other is cheating on you comes with a whirlwind of emotions; you’re angry, upset, sad, you feel betrayed and violated. All within minutes, you’re ready to lose your mind and let him have it…which is probably the worst possible thing you can do. Hardy writes, “Your man will naturally defend himself and tell you that you are crazy and in all seriousness, you probably do appear a bit crazed—cheating will do that to you! What this reaction will do is just turn the tables back on you making you look like the crazy, jealous, paranoid woman who thinks her man is up to no good. There’s no solid justification for what you are claiming.” That’s why you should stay away from… 2. Confronting with No Proof: This is what we’re here for. People come to ICU Investigations because they are suspicious and they need answers. Don’t ever feel guilty for needing to know the truth and protecting yourself. We do the dirty work for you, so when you confront your man with concrete evidence of his cheating, there is no possible way he can deny it and make you feel like you’re crazy. 3. Confronting Your Man’s Side Piece: Don’t take your anger out on the other woman. Hardy notes that “Many women who find out their man has been cheating will immediately take it out on the woman they have been seeing. Wrong! That woman has committed no wrong. Yes, she knew that your man was taken and that she shouldn’t have been with him, but your man made the decision to enter into a relationship with her knowing full well what he was doing and betraying your trust. The fault still remains with your partner.” It is then your choice with how to proceed with your life and begin healing. The ball is in your court. Suspicious? Get Answers TODAY with ICU Investigations! Source

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