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Cheating to Get Ahead? Here are the Top 12 Job Positions Where People are Most Likely to Cheat

According to an article by Anand Prakash of The Daily Net, there are a series of job positions that people will most likely cheat to get ahead in their professional life. Take a look at the list below, ranked by most likely (number 1) to least likely (number 12).

  1. Politics

  2. Medical

  3. Administrative Jobs

  4. Media/Journalism

  5. Finance

  6. Advertisement

  7. Entrepreneurs

  8. Legal

  9. Trades

  10. IT

  11. Hospitality

  12. Movies and Show Business

Everything is fair game if you’re winning and moving up your corporate ladder, right? Wrong. But unfortunately, cheating is not unheard of in most of these professions, as cheating can be used as a means to get ahead. Prakash notes, “There are people who have indeed found cheating as a means of gaining ground and they might say that if it works, they don’t care. They may blame it on the culture that persists in these jobs or some other factor as well.”

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