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With So Little, We Can Give You So Much

For the insurance and legal industry, using a private investigator has unlimited perks. We aren’t afraid to do the dirty work. The training we bestow upon our investigators is unprecedented to ensure accurate, timely results. Sometimes, we forget just how great it is to seek the help of a professional private investigation firm. One of the greatest advantages in hiring a private investigator is that with so little, we can give you so much. Let us explain…

Our endless resources and proprietary databases enable us to help you reach beyond your limits and acquire crucial information for every investigation. Even if we only have a name and date of birth, or just a social security number, or maybe just an address, we are able to uncover a wealth of information about your claimant/subject.

From just one small piece of information, we are able to develop the bigger picture for you, uncovering information about your subject including, but not limited to:

Current address(es)

  • Address history

  • Date of birth

  • Aliases/AKAs

  • Social Security Number(s)

  • Birth records

  • Death records

  • Marriage records

  • Divorce filings

  • Employment

  • Current and/or historical property ownership

  • Mortgage information

  • Identify secured lenders

  • Identify related party property transactions

  • Current market value of real property

  • Locate bankruptcy records

  • Map out relationships/relatives/associates of your subject

  • Identify lawsuits

  • Criminal records

  • Locate home/cell phone numbers

  • Identify owner of home or cell phone number

  • Determine owners of corporation

  • Identify business affiliations/professional licenses

  • Uncover judgment and lien filings

  • Research family history

  • Find assets/hidden assets

  • Find current or historical boat/aircraft registrations

  • Locate bank account information

  • Locate significant inheritances

  • State and federal political contributions

  • Identify UCC filings

  • Obtain driving record history (in applicable states)

  • Find current vehicle registrations/insurance (in applicable states)

  • Find historical vehicle registrations/insurance (in applicable states)

  • Identify online social networking profiles

  • Identify email addresses/usernames

  • Paint the picture of a person’s lifestyle/habits/hobbies/etc.

  • Identify and confirm education history

  • Medical history

All of this information is available at our fingertips. Sure, there are individuals that don’t have much of a paper trail dragging behind them, and not every piece of information listed above applies to every claimant or subject, but we can sleep at night knowing that if it’s out there, we will find it. You just have to hire the right investigator!

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