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5 Reasons Men Cheat

Bob Tomes of YourTango.com gives us a male perspective on why men cheat based on his life and conversations he’s had with other men.

What are they really looking for?

  • Emotional connection. Once the honeymoon stage is over (complete with struggles, fights, ups and downs, etc.), for some, it may be hard to get back to that lovey-dovey, emotional connection that couples once shared. When meeting someone new, those struggles aren’t present and they are encountered by a new, exciting relationship that ignites an emotional response.

  • Appreciation. He’s not getting positive affirmations and appreciation at home? It starts to get old. Someone else may be willing to appreciate his hard work if he’s not getting it at home.

  • Intimacy. According to Tomes, “Men want a partner who will listen, who will volunteer information about their own lives and discoveries and someone who smiles and excitedly shares their hopes and dreams.” After being together for a decent amount of time and life becomes centered inward instead of experiencing what’s on the outside, men have the tendency to get, well, bored. “We’re married, I know everything about you.”

  • Feeling wanted. Everyone wants to feels wanted. A man wants to feel like a man. According to Tomes, “As life moves along, a man can often feel like his contribution is taken for granted and who he is, as opposed to what he can provide, becomes less important. In a new relationship, suddenly he matters again.”

  • Sex. The elephant in the room. Besides the obvious physical needs, sex provides a man with numbers 1 through 4 (emotional connection, appreciation, intimacy, feeling wanted).


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