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Infidelity Guidance

Below are some tidbits of guidance from Shirley Glass, PhD, drawn from her speech at the annual Smart Marriages Conference.

  • Affairs tend to be less about love and more about boundaries. Unexpected affairs can happen in happy marriages.

  • A married couple centralizing their lives around children is one of the biggest threats to a marriage in this day and age.

  • To validate a reason for cheating, it is common to say “I never loved you.”

  • The predictable perception is that the unfaithful spouse isn’t “getting enough” from their significant other so they stray. The truth is the person isn’t giving enough.

  • Major attraction in an affair is NOT toward the person you are cheating with, but the positive image of yourself. (“The way I look when I see myself in the other person’s eyes.”)

  • It is more likely that when a wife cheats, as opposed to the husband cheating, the marriage is usually beyond repair.

  • Most people are often scared to admit to having an affair because it will hurt their spouse, but according to Glass, it is a way to rebuild intimacy.

  • Empathy = repair

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