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12 Ways to Identify Emotional Infidelity

Emotional cheating is becoming a frequent trend in the world of infidelity, and Dr. Shirley Glass, author of Not Just Friends, says that studies show that emotional affairs can be just as damaging and 80% of these relationships lead to a sexual affair.

Take a look below at 12 ways to identify emotional infidelity:

1. Your partner tries to justify a relationship with someone else by constantly reassuring you that “we’re just friends.”

2. Your partner is confiding and sharing intimate issues with someone else.

3. Your partner is venting about your relationship or marriage to this person, which opens up the door for them to make up for the love and care that your partner claims to lack.

4. Your partner is mentally (possibly verbally) comparing you to this “friend,” which points out negative traits you possess, and highlights positive traits they crave in someone else

5. Your partner is daydreaming about this person. You don’t daydream about your friends, do you?

6. Your partner thinks this other person understands them like no one else does, when that level of emotional intimacy should be between only you and your significant other.

7. Your partner is withdrawing and removing themselves from normal activities with you, the family, work, etc. Your partner would rather be spending their time talking to the person that understands him/ her, and it’s starting to become more obvious.

8. Your partner has become more secretive, such as leaving the room to make or take phone calls, deleting texts, call logs, messages, emails, etc.

9. Your partner tries to justify their strange behavior and manipulate you to think that their behavior is normal and the problem is you.

10. At this point, your partner may be fantasizing about sexual relationship with the person. Once they move on to talking about it, it is clear that your partner is on the path to sexual infidelity.

11. Your partner may start buying intimate gifts for the other person, as if they are thinking about them when they are out shopping instead of you

12. You partner is planning to spend time alone with this other person, which will most likely take this from an emotional relationship to a sexual relationship.

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