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10 Signs of Infidelity conducted a survey of people who had been a victim of infidelity in their marriage, asking them to share the signs of infidelity they were able to identify. According to, “70% of those surveyed professed a high level of morality in their belief systems, and a high level of marital fulfillment and satisfaction. Affairs are not solely a problem of an unfortunate few with ‘bad’ marriages. Extramarital affairs happen to good people in good marriages too.” reports the 10 signs of infidelity, according to their survey participants:

1. A spouse becomes emotionally distant, withdrawn or depressed.

2. The unfaithful spouse became angry, critical and even at times, cruel. 70% of those surveyed reported this sign often coupled with emotional and verbal abuse, constant put downs and little to no patience.

3. The issue of control voiced by those who are cheating. Often they complain that their spouses are “controlling”, yet they themselves are guilty of attempting to control.

4. A reported increase in working hours, after work meetings, business trips and a need to work out of town for prolonged periods of time.

5.Illness of the one who is faithful (reported by 50% of those who participated).

6. Paying extra close attention to their appearance, buying new clothes, losing weight, extra primping, working out at the gym and other sudden fitness endeavors.

7. Showing more energy and zeal for life, doing things they’ve never done before or a sudden interest in a new hobby or sport. Interestingly enough, this sign was often accompanied by a contrasting lack of energy or depression.

8. Becoming inappropriately defensive when asked questions.

9. Becoming extra flirtatious with the opposite sex.

10. An obsessive need for privacy and staying up late at night to work on the computer.

Other signs included noticing something different in your sex life, not always wearing their wedding ring (which they give amazingly believable reasons for), unaccounted for time and being caught lying (which they will explain away with various other reasons).

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